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I drive a 2007 Saab 93 without any bluetooth capabilities. I tried to play music with an aux cord and the car senses that my phone is connected but when I try to play any music my phone plays it through the built in speaker and not through the car stereo. I'm just wondering if there is a setting or anything that I need to do in order to play music?


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The car senses the phone, but does the phone sense that there's something in the headphone jack? – Al E. Sep 21 '12 at 1:44
Do normal headphones work? Is the "aux cord" a standard 3,5mm stereo plug or does it have a mic connector too? – onik Sep 21 '12 at 5:30

Try my app: SoundAbout. It has a media audio setting called "Aux Digital" for this purpose.

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It appears that you are affiliated with this product. Please read our FAQ and note the section on self promotion. – eldarerathis Nov 14 '12 at 20:16

I have found that the auxiliary jack on my S3 is pretty tight and even when the phone senses I've plugged something into it, I have to press it just a little harder, until I hear a "click" and the plug is flush to the phone (you should not be able to see any metal from the plug showing). Once I do that, the sound stops playing through the phone's speaker.

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