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We have about 15 Android tablets in use in our department, and we want to be able to keep track of their locations.

I've been trying to find an app that will easily track all these devices. Most of what I'm finding is either too expensive for the number of devices, or has too many features that we do not need. We just need an app that will every 30 minutes or so send every devices' GPS data to somewhere.

The only thing that has come close is Google Latitude, but it was becoming tedious to create a Google account for each device, and when we would flash them all with the same images, it was even more of a hassle to re-add each individual account. Any thoughts on a simple periodic GPS tracking app for multiple devices that phones home?

Note that I've also tried apps such as Prey and Seekdroid, but they don't play nice restoring multiple devices from a single image/backup.

If all else fails, I can write an app to just send GPS coordinates to one of our servers every so often, but I'd like that to be a last resort.

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I actually think your best bet would be to develop the app yourself. I know that you consider it a last resort but you will get exactly the app you want, you can get the app to talk to a web service that writes the data away to a database. Don't forget security, https between the Android devices and t

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Your answer appears to be incomplete. Please consider using the edit link to finish writing your answer, as it is currently not all that informative. – eldarerathis Sep 27 '12 at 20:41
This seems like the way to go. Unfortuately I won't be able to put the time in for a little while, but I could always do it in my spare time and sell it in the Play Store since nothing simple like this exists right now! – Crazydog Oct 2 '12 at 16:26
Fifteen devices is large, but i'd like to suggest cerberus if that helps – varunyellina Oct 19 '12 at 15:08
I actually just discovered Cerberus today, but it has a maximum of 5 devices. I've emailed them to see if they have any way to increase that limit. – Crazydog Jan 23 '13 at 19:56

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