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I have an Android application which I hope to promote in developing/emerging markets for crowdsourced mobile work. Reliable location detection is a major part of some of the scenarios.

I understand that mobile location-based solutions use a variety of signals to detect the user's current position:

  1. Traditional satellite GPS, frequently assisted via aGPS
  2. Google's database of wifi routers and their locations
  3. Google's database of cell tower IDs and their locations

Satellite coverage is of course global, but how is the International coverage for #2 and #3? Is there any service I can consult to gauge (even anecdotally) the coverage of Google's location databases around the world? Even a (data-backed) report or blot post would be helpful.

The key issue I face is whether to require a mobile data plan for users of my application (and whether a mobile data plan would actually help location accuracy in certain markets). If mobile internet/data will make a huge impact on location accuracy, then it makes sense to require it ... but otherwise I want to support wifi-only scenarios.

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There are a lot of great posts here on Android StackExchange with info on geolocation:… – Mike Repass Sep 25 '12 at 2:58
Please consult out FAQ, Mike: Development and marketing questions are off-topic here. – Izzy Sep 25 '12 at 6:34
Hi Izzy, thanks - my intent was certainly not to seek info on app development nor to market my app, but to learn about the experience of Android users around the world. If you check out this link I'll paste below, it is very similar ... I am just curious about an overview of this geolocation services… – Mike Repass Sep 25 '12 at 18:04

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