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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S Advance. I used the phone for the first 2 days with my old SIM and the phone was working well. I tried using all apps like Gmail, GTalk, Samsung Apps, Google Play etc. and they were all in order.

2 days later, I removed my SIM to copy contacts from my old phone. I also entered my old SD card in the new phone as it had all old contacts and images. Since then, all the apps have stopped working. It keeps saying 'Loading....' whenever I try to use the apps. A while later, it says 'No connection' or 'No Network' and asks me to try again.

Which connection is it talking about? Coz my mobile network is functional. I have been connecting to the net on the GPRS.

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What happens if you replace the SD card with the one you had in that phone before? Maybe it's an App2SD-related issue? Though that's not an explanation for the network part... – Izzy Oct 5 '12 at 6:59

Start and use WiFi with a working router. You probably inserted the SIM card and the SD card with a file which uses the net to load something and will not do it on GPRS.

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Maybe your SD card is corrupted. I have a Galaxy Y, and I faced the same problem a few months back. I changed my SD card and tha apps started working.

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