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I believe there's some set of “hooks”, which get executed when I power on the phone. I want to see it to figure out the reason why my phone sometimes doesn't wake up properly (wakes with black screen).

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best option is probably to attach to logcat when the device boots. – Ryan Conrad Oct 8 '12 at 20:21
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While the logcat option recommended by Ryan of course is a valid possibility, it is not the most user-friendly solution. I've got a better idea :)

Apps started automatically after boot registered for a certain event, called BOOT_COMPLETED. To do so, they need to request this permission (you find it under "more" on the playstore pages) called "Start after Boot" (or, with its technical name, BOOT_COMPLETED -- what a surprise!). So to figure out which apps could potentially be in here, you can use a permission checker. There are many of them in the Playstore, but I will mention only two of them to get you started:

PermissionDog RL Permissions

Both let you browse your apps by permissions, and even try to indicate "potentially dangerous apps" -- nice side-effect in your case ;)

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