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I have tried many times to change my phone browser from the stock android to Opera mini... As you all know the stock browser is slow and unresponsive.

Before I get overloaded with comment: YES I HAVE CLEARED THE DEFAULT FOR THE STOCK BROWSER THEN TRIED CLICKING ON A LINK. And: NO it has not asked me what browser I want to use. IT just opens in stock.

I then tried installing Firefox. I did the whole process again. I went to open a link and hit "open in browser" and what do you know, it opened up in firefox! This was great to see.

Unfortunately I can't get this to work for opera. Although firefox mobile is great I have a preference towards opera. If anyone knows of a solution to this I would apreciate it greatly.

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It works fine with Opera Mobile. – Secko Oct 12 '12 at 23:00

It works with Opera Mobile, it should be the same for Opera Mini.

You can try this:

  • go to the default Android browser apps settings and click on "Clear defaults"
  • if settings in Opera Mini has a "Set as default" check box, select it
  • open a link with a browser and select Opera Mini as default

If the above doesn't work:

  • uninstall Androids default browser
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One can't simply uninstall android stock browser. Because it should be installed as a system app. If you are rooted, then you can.

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OP didn't ask to delete the stock browser – so this does not answer the question, sorry. – Izzy Dec 1 '14 at 16:27

For Android users, it's simple. Go to:

Settings › Applications › Manage Apps, chose All Apps, scroll to the Browser, tap that entry, and hit the button to Clear Default settings.

Then as you use the message links, select Opera as the default browser.

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