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I just bought a Samsung S2. The phone is unlocked but when I put my SIM card in it says Selected Service (Bell) Unavailable.

I searched around the forums and I think the issue is that my CSC is CPW, which is the UK (I think). I tried a couple different methods to change it, but I don't have Multi CSC and am given no options to switch to, just a black screen. So how do I install Multi CSC or switch my CSC without this? I seriously know next to nothing about ROMs or firmware or anything to do with phones. So I need an answer that is step by step if possible.

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I never checked what CSC my phones have. In another country, I even put in local SIM cards without problems. Are you sure you not simply "locked" your phone to Bell by manually selecting the network provider? Have you checked in WiFi & Wireless->Mobile Networks->Network Provider, and made sure it's either on "Automatic" or you manually select an existing one? The only time I saw a similar error message was when I (intentionally) locked it to my local provider, and then traveled in a neighbor country. – Izzy Mar 23 '13 at 20:14

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