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I have Samsung galaxy Y and I do have 2 questions about dock settings on home screen.

  1. Is it possible to Hide / Modify dock on home screen?
  2. Is it possible to make it toggle on touch the home screen?
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This functionality isn't available as standard in your default launcher, but the launcher is replaceable. There are lots of alternatives out there, some require a minimum OS version. Unless you've rooted your phone it looks like the maximum OS version you can be on is v2.3.5 (Source: So this rules out the newer breed of launchers which are based on the Android 4.x launcher. BUT there are still a load of good launchers which will be compatible with your phone and will provide the functionality that you're looking for. Have a look at:

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My first suggestion is to look into replacing your launcher. You can find several Home Launcher replacements in Google Play Market.

My current favorite is the Holo Launcher.


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Hi designerWhoCodes, sorry I don't know your actual name :). I tried alternate way you suggested as I don't want to use application if its possible by default settings. But I couldn't find any dock settings under settings from menu. – Dhaval Oct 18 '12 at 10:26
I provided clearer instructions via a new link. My name is Mark. I used the google authenticate and it created my user name from my blog. – designerWhoCodes Oct 22 '12 at 17:50

Use Holo launcher: Really an awesome launcher, you will get an ICS look and you can hide Icons in the drawer; you can also add icons in the dock session. Use it and I bet you gonna really like the holo launcher.

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