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Does anyone know how I can still listen to the radio on my Xperia ray even with my Novero Rockaway Stereo Bluetooth Headset. I tried inserting a handsfree while connected to the bluetooth headset but it ignores the bluetooth handset alltogether and if there is no wired headset the radio won't start.
I know I can listen to online radio but I don't want that I want FM.

Thank you.

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Most of phones (including Xperia series) does not have an internal FM radio antenna, so they need a wired headset to be inserted, in order to use its wire as antenna.

You cannot use FM radio until you plug a wired headset to the phone.

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Can't I get something like an antenna to plug in but still hear the radio in the wireless headset? – Para Oct 16 '12 at 20:11

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