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I am having problem with my recently bought SONY XPERIA SL. I have CISCO WAP4410N router, and its SSID cannot be scanned or connected (manually) on my phone, while being on AUTO CHANNEL selection mode. Where as I am using the same network previously for my iPhone and even for different laptops.

While when I change the channel manually to no 10, I am able to access the network.

Anybody can resolve this issue for me?

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An helpful app to resolve this might be Wifi Analyzer, it shows the available (and perhaps conflicting) wifi channels and their strength.

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Is is quite possible that the channel it automatically chooses is too congested, or even not supported by your devices wifi card.

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...or that it is in an "invalid range". Not all channels are "legal" in all places. So the router might chose an "invalid" channel, and your XPeria refuses to use it. – Izzy Dec 14 '12 at 21:16

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