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I have a Samsung galaxy Y mobile phone, and I have just discovered that the option to save messages as draft is completely missing in the app named "Messaging" that I got pre-installed.

I am really shocked, as this is a very basic and common feature in the cheapest phones today.

My Question is: What kind of design/usage philosophy/idea/concept/thought is behind this? Also, is their any good alternative to this pre-installed app which has the option to save drafts?

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The stock messaging app will automatically save a draft message when you tap on the back button while composing the message, but the recipient field has to be filled. Without a recipient it will give a warning that the message will be deleted.

There are a lot of good alternatives. I have no experience with them myself (I'm using the stock app) but a lot of people seem to like Handcent, GO SMS Pro or ChompSMS. Just search the Internet for reviews.

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