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I have a Samsung galaxy Y mobile phone, and I have just discovered that the option to save messages as draft is completely missing in the app named "Messaging" that I got pre-installed.

I am really shocked, as this is a very basic and common feature in the cheapest phones today.

My Question is: What kind of design/usage philosophy/idea/concept/thought is behind this? Also, is their any good alternative to this pre-installed app which has the option to save drafts?

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The stock messaging app will automatically save a draft message when you tap on the back button while composing the message, but the recipient field has to be filled. Without a recipient it will give a warning that the message will be deleted.

There are a lot of good alternatives. I have no experience with them myself (I'm using the stock app) but a lot of people seem to like Handcent, GO SMS Pro or ChompSMS. Just search the Internet for reviews.

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Type the message as you want it to read, but in the To: box, type something to identify it as a draft, that is not the same value as anything in your address book.

Use 'draft' or 'message to Jim' or whatever identifies it for you. Then back out of the message.

Since it hasn't sent, your phone will save it as a draft, and it will appear in your list of messages. You can then open it at a later time, edit if desired, change the To: box to the recipient, and send when ready.

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