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I prefer to manage my ebook files manually, so I'm having trouble getting the Android Kindle and nook apps to locate the .MOBI and .EPUB files that I put on my SD card.

Is there any sort of Browse feature in these apps for locating custom ebook files?

For the moment, I'm getting around this issue by using Calibre/FBReader, but I'd rather use plain drag & drop and the official Kindle/nook apps if possible.

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Do you want the Kindle (or Nook) app. to look at the correct location, by modifying the app. setup? (path to external is device/model specific) OR, an app. to move the files from the (external) micro-SD to default path (in internal flash) for each app.? – david6 Oct 26 '12 at 7:33
I'd prefer to drag & drop ebook files onto a single directory that all my ereaders see, but they each use a different autorecognition directory, instead of, for example, /mnt/sdcard/Download. – mcandre Oct 26 '12 at 15:06
Why two different ebook filetypes? If they are DRM controlled, then you can only view them under the correct viewer. If not, you should just use Calibre (on Windows, Ubuntu, etc.) to convert ALL to your preferred e-book filetype. – david6 Oct 26 '12 at 20:32
@david6 Calibre is bloody awesome. I guess you would have to assume that to some strange user, maintaining their original file's current formats and pathnames are more important than say, convenience. – mcandre Oct 26 '12 at 21:17
Still puzzled, by what you are trying to solve .. – david6 Oct 26 '12 at 21:45

Mirrored on gist.

Custom ebook files can be read on Android devices by employing a collection of software, detailed below.

Both Android and iOS devices can simply use iBooks or Stanza, and connect to Calibre.

A more manual method employes Astro for browsing Android files manually. For any ebook file format, if an appropriate app is installed, Astro will be able to open the ebook. See Wikipedia for a table of ereaders vs ebook file formats supported.

Secondary software will be required to actually get the ebook files onto the mobile device:



Each ereader app looks for books in a different directory. A good compromise is to store all ebooks in /mnt/sdcard/Books, organizing ebooks at will through folder hierarchies, and using Astro to navigate to and open individual ebooks.


  • Autorecognition: /mnt/sdcard/Books
  • Custom browsing: FBReader library -> File tree


  • Autorecognition: /mnt/sdcard/Kindle


  • Autorecognition: /mnt/sdcard/Nook/MyDocuments

Adobe Reader

  • Autorecognition: /mnt/sdcard/Download/Adobe Reader
  • Custom browsing: Documents -> All PDFs -> Folder View
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