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Today, I installed WhatsApp, and I know that it wants to upload my complete contact list to its servers to see who else has WhatsApp, so it can create a contact list. I don't like this, and I prefer to give it just what it needs, maybe only five contacts for now.

I have LBE Privacy installed, and it blocks the contact list for WhatsApp. The result is that WhatsApp doesn't work. Now I can of course remove the entire contact list except for those five contacts, then unblock it, let WhatsApp connect, then block WA again, and hope it works.

If I open the contact list, and go to the setting which contacts to display, I see several options: all contacts, whatsApp, gmail-account, and phone. Choosing one of these, only these contacts are listed in the contact list. But I guess whatsApp won't bother and use all contacts anyway. In the contact list I have hundreds of contacts with email-addresses and no phone number. Will it upload those as well? And if I take a closer look at those lists, they are not properly organized, so limiting

If I add a contact later, will whatsApp know?

Is there a way to handle this properly, let whatsApp have the addresses it needs, without giving it all?

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