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When I moved an app to the Storage Card on my HTC One V, I found some data moved to USB Storage App. The Storage Card is still showing not used. What's "USB storage app"? Why apps are not moving into the Storage Card, instead moving into the "USB storage app"?

Before moving the app to the storage card Before moving the app to the storage card

After moving the app to the storage card After moving the app to the storage card

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Can you clarify what you mean by "The Storage Card is still showing not used"? Are there no files on it? If it's Android showing no used space, have you tried rebooting? –  Matthew Read Oct 31 '12 at 4:56
I uploaded two screenshots to clarify it. –  Debiprasad Oct 31 '12 at 5:56

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"USB storage" is the "internal" SD card i.e. the partition on the phone's internal memory that is treated like an SD card for general data storage.

"Storage card" is your actual physical microSD card.

The former is where the stuff moved via "move to SD" or "move to storage card" gets put.

As for why it does this, Android's system for storing app stuff in user storage hasn't caught up with the concept of having more than one section of user storage.

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I guess you have to read the "USB Storage App" as the USB storage used by the app itself. So the code of the application.

If your application would for instance start generating cache information, saved pictures etcetera. And if it would save that information on your Storage Card, then the information will be showed under Storage Card.

So under "App" and "Storage Card App" is only the information and code of the application itself, not the information or data it generates. So in most case these 2 numbers will not change over time. And then under "Data" and "Storage Card" information generated by the application can be found. Either on the Storage Card or the internal memory (depending on the application I guess). This is the information managed by the application (local databases etc), so this will probably change over time, depending on the application in question of course.

This is my interpretation of those 4 terms. And if I check for some applications I use, it looks like my interpretation is correct. It is certainly correct for the applications I created myself, so for these apps I know where what information is saved on the phone.

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It seems to be the .android_secure folder on your SD card.

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So "USB storage app" presumably manages encrypted/protected apps on the SD card? Is there a way to have unprotected apps on the SD card? –  Matthew Read Oct 31 '12 at 15:14

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