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I want to change my live video background in Android. Is there any example of Green Screen Technology?

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There are a few camera app in the Market that can capture image and replace the background with Chroma Key. One of them, is aptly named simply Green Screen.

In stock Camera app of Android 4.0 and above, in the video recording there is a Live Effects called background, that allows you to replace the background with an image or video. The Live Effect works by capturing the background without you in it, so it knows which part of the captured image to subtract when you enter the recording area. It works best if you put the device on a stable surface, have a good lighting, and does not need it to be perfect.

It is best however, to post process the video on desktop instead. Green screening in the phone is an expensive process since it has to be done real time while the video is captured, better quality processing can be achieved by Chroma Keying on a desktop video editing software since it's not constrained by time.

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+1 For the answer, and for successfully decoding the question! –  Brandorf Oct 31 '12 at 19:57

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