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From quite some months, I have been using a rooted Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phone. The battery life is not much and so, everyday whenever I am doing any work on my laptop, I just connect my mobile, so that it would get charged. I do not charge my mobile separately using the charger.

Also, as I am working on Android App Design and Development, many a times I have to take screenshots in my phone. Several times a day, I transfer the screenshots to my Laptop by "Connect storage to PC".

Also, my university provides us with very limited internet access, which is mostly not sufficient, so I have to "USB Tether".

The problem is, from a past few days, many a times (not all the time), when I connect my Mobile to my laptop, it only starts charging without the "USB Connected - Touch to turn on USB storange" message in the 'Ongoing' at all. Also, when I go to the "Tether and Portable Hotspot" option, "USB Tether" is unavailable.

To make matters worse, sometimes, it doesn't even charges. Restarting the phone anyhow solves the problem for a moment, but then again, everything goes down.

What should I do?

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