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The limitations of Nokia's PC Suite were beautifully resolved by NBU Explorer. I have recently shifted to a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. This is a double SIM set. Both Samsung's own suite (Kies) as well as 3rd party softwares literally suck. Have you come across something that has the same/similar features as NBU Explorer for an Android OS? Eg., explore a backup without a connected phone, edit stored items, and, selectively restore items to a phone.

Request #2: I need a SMS counter capable of keeping a separate track of SMS sent out over each SIM. Searched the 'net; no such App. I will be grateful if you or a reader of your blog can help with these issues.

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Please do not post separate issues together, use a separate question if you have separate topics. Besides, #2 would be off-topic here (see our FAQ). – Izzy Nov 4 '12 at 1:23

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