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On my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, GT-S6102B, you can press a button to talk something instead of writing it. It is a wonderful behavior, but it functions only when using a internet connection - well, I see it functioning only with Wi-Fi connection...

But I would like to use it offline... Any idea?

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I use a third party app which can handle recorded voice tags. I use Cyberon Voice Speed dial for which voice tags can be records for contacts or programs.

For bluetooth headset/car conenctivity i use Bluetooth Application Launcher.

This is set to open Voice Speed dialler when i press the blue tooth button to connect. Holding the blue tooth button for 4 seconds disconnects and closes the app. (i have to configure it futhter since disconnecting doesn;t yet hang up the phone though...)

Sorry - i just realized you needed to dictate to your phone. Maybe there also a third pary app that does that.


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The app you recommended is only for dial some numbers. – kokbira Dec 6 '12 at 15:14
I found "Cyberon Voice Commander", but is also paid and does not inform about use when offline... – kokbira Dec 6 '12 at 15:17

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