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As android devices support SD Card with up to 32 GB. Are there any android devices that support and have two SD card slots?

This is to remove the hassle to remove a SD card and insert another SD card into the same slot, which might result in faster wear and tear to both the SD Card slots and the SD cards.

Also, it will also mean that the android devices can support 2 x 32GB = 64GB space.

Also, I will not need to spend lots of money on Internet bandwidth to access my data in the "Cloud"!

And lastly, I will not be limited by the storage space capacity in my phone.

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I will be the first to buy the android devices with 2 SD Card slots. –  Jack Nov 7 '12 at 2:45

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As far as I know, currently there are no Android devices with dual-SD Card slots. Keep in mind though that mobile devices is a huge and ever changing market. There is nothing preventing some manufacturer from releasing such a device, if they determine that there is enough demand.

Not sure I understand the need for a second SD Card slot, though:

  1. SD Cards are cheap enough to not have to worry about them wearing out.
  2. Newer phones support the SDXC format that boasts capacities of up to 2TB. (64GB and 128GB cards are already widely available.)
  3. Even with multiple SD slots, you are still technically limited in capacity, albeit you probably won't hit that limit for a while longer. It really depends on what content you are planning on storing there. Obviously you wouldn't be able to store a large collection of Blu-Ray rips that take 8GB+ per file on any size card.
  4. Bundling a second SD Card slot would sacrifice on internal space of a handset. The trade-off would have to come from other areas, such as smaller battery or other feature.

I do agree that Google's push for "cloud services" (Nexus devices don't have SD Card slots at all) is misguided, seeing how most carriers are resolved to cap and overcharge of mobile data as it is. However, seeing how other manufacturers are releasing new devices with newer SD technology, and that technology is (arguably) getting more and more affordable, I don't see how sacrificing on internal space would be of any benefit to even the biggest space hogs.

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I do agree with your point 3 but I am also concern if the one and only SD Card slot is damage, then it is game-over. You will have to use Wifi or bluetooth. I also agree with you that Google's push for "cloud services" is really a misguided objective. I will still look forward for a 2 SD Card slot Android phone. –  Jack Nov 9 '12 at 1:47

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