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I would like to automatically add tasks to Astrid. For example, a task to chare the tablet when battery is low or a task for an epsiode the just runs according to EpisodeCalendar. I am using Tasker and I have the Locale Astrid plugin, but I cannot find any option to actually add a task.

I found the solution to send a mail to, but as my phone is in airplane mode at night, I am missing a lot of tasks when internet connection is required. Any ideas?

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This is not a really satisfying solution, but it is still better than nothing (really disappointed by Astrid, BTW): According to the author, the App "Locale SendSilentMail Plug-In" by Stafan Dörr maintains a queue, so Mails are not lost if there is no connection to the mail server. This is sufficient for my cause, though not very elegant.

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