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On my current and previous Android phones (HTC Magic with stock Android 1.6, and Samsung Galaxy S with 2.1 and TouchWiz) there have been pretty good alarm clock apps that allow you to set a a variety of alarms with a variety of timing and days. This gives you the handy ability to set different alarms for weekends and weekdays, for instance. Unfortunately, I often have the experience of looking forward to a nice lie-in on a holiday but getting blasted awake too early, because I forgot to switch off the alarm.

What I'd like is an app that either adjusts the built-in alarm clock to automatically set the weekend alarm when a personal or public holiday falls on a weekday, or one that replaces the built-in alarm clock and offers this facility.

I guess it could pull info on public holidays for my country from a public feed (pretty sure Google Calendar publish one for most countries) whereas for my holidays it could pick up specific all-day appointments with certain text in from a nominated Google Calendar.

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There is an app called Holiday Alarm Disabler. I haven't tried it myself, but it has a pretty good rating at Androlib.

QR Code for Holiday Alarm Disabler:

QR Code for Holiday Alarm Disabler

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Thanks I'll take a look. – GAThrawn Sep 15 '10 at 13:24
"Pretty good rating" is 2 people rating it a 5, and 2 rating it a 1? It's 99 cents and it was pre-programmed for 2010 and then never updated. – mpen Mar 4 '15 at 16:45
And it's not found anymore in Google Play. The link does not work anymore. – Jose Gómez Sep 30 '15 at 1:56

I was looking for Calendar apps on Google Play and came across Holiday Alarms Reminder. Maybe it will help

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Given that the app has very low installs (1-5) and reviews (only 1), it may be counted as SPAM (that is, no disclosure of affiliation) here. Sure you found it and not created it? – Firelord Feb 17 at 5:42

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