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I'm currently using LauncherPro which lets me have 4x5 icons and a bar at the bottom of my home screen. Are there any alternative Launcher apps that will let me cram more in?

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Not a launcher app itself, but MultIcon (review link) lets you cram multiple icons into a teeny tiny space. Also available via cyrket.

that's a lotta icons

Now, that unconfigured screnshot is the extreme example -- but the density ranges from 4 incons in the space of 1 on down. It's pretty handy -- plus it comes with its own shortcuts widgets to a few things. Can't have icons for normal folders, however. Bummer.

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Zeam ( is a great alternative launcher that offers an 8x8 workspace on each screen (up to 7) as well as multiple dock icons.

Zeam Is the Fastest Android Launcher We've Seen Yet (via Lifehacker)

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You should try the ADW.launcher , its free and lets you have up to a 8 x 8 screen plus 4 dock icons . It also allows you to resize widgets ( I reduce my clock to 1x1 and increase a few others).

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Don't forget you can use folders as well to cram lots of apps into one space, I usually keep apps in category folders, it's a nice way of being organised also!

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