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I have my location-aware framework in tasker ready and going and I would like to fire up notifications for certain task lists when I leave places. This does work, but the sync between Astrid and does not reliably, so I will not get the lastest tasks from my girlfriend when I leave. Consequently, I would like to trigger a sync just befor the notfication is performed.

Now, I found intents from Astrid to trigger sync with Producteev and GTask, but, curiously, not with itself. Is there one?

Another solution would be so switch to Producteev for syncing. That probably depends on how well labels and workspaces are mapped into Astrid or how good Tasker interacts with other apps apart from Astrid.

So, if there is another way to - Have other people add tasks to certain lists - Fire up these lists triggered by Tasker - Trigger sync by Tasker that would be fine, too :)

Best regards

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Just saw: Producteev Standard doesn't allow more than two collaborating users, Producteev Pro is ridiculously expensive ... – user23563 Nov 13 '12 at 21:43

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