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I rooted my phone and after that for the 1st time, as I was just checking out stuff, Google Play recognized my device and registered it.

Later I did a factory reset and now for some reason it is not registering my phone and I cannot download anything!

Entering the "My apps" section only lists the installed apps. No update options, no all apps section!

What happened? Now what should I do?

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Did you re-add the same accounts? Has it upgraded to the latest app version? Have you tried clearing the data for the app and rebooting? – Matthew Read Nov 16 '12 at 7:35

Update to latest Play Store.

Clear Play Store app's Data and Cache.

Reboot your phone. They check whether problem exists or not.

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I just did another factory reset and its all fine now! the behavior was weird though!

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In my case, it's because of the Freedom app.

To fix it:

  1. Download Root Explorer
  2. Go to etc then click on mount on the upper part
  3. Find the hosts and delete it
  4. Restart the phone
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