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Possible Duplicate:
How can I turn off Notification Sounds and leave phone sounds on

my dad just got a brand new Motorola XT603 running Android 2.3.5. He would like to differ the notification sounds for emails/texts/voice mail but short of that, just turn off the sound for emails since he receives so many. His email is NOT through gmail, but a work account. Thanks in advance!

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It would help to know what he's using as his mail program on the phone, what OS/Launcher he's running (if he's not using the OEM software) and how deeply those two are integrated. Hints; look through the mail app's settings for notification-related settings, and if that doesn't get you anywhere, look in the Notifications and/or Sounds section of the phone's main Settings; there may be a selection specifically for Mail that is used by his mail app. – KeithS Nov 16 '12 at 17:58

The easiest way to achieve this probably is:

  • get yourself an "empty" mp3 (i.e. one without any sound).
  • on your device's SD card, create a folder named media/audio/notifications (if it's not already there).
  • copy that "empty MP3" into this folder
  • Now select this file as notification sound for new mail

So when the new mail notification sound is being played, you won't hear it anymore :)

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