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I just updated my Nexus 7 to Jelly-Bean 4.2, and it has the swipe keyboard which is awesome. I want to keep this feature of the stock android keyboard, but with the Dvorak keyboard layout. Is this possible?

I'm NOT looking for a replacement. I like the built in keyboard, I just am wondering if it's possible to change the stock keyboard layout.

Also, if it's easy to switch between Dvorak and qwerty that's preferable :-)

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This is supported in stock android.

Settings -> Languages & Input -> Android Keyboard (Settings icon) -> Advanced settings -> Custom input styles -> Add style -> Set Language & Layout

Then to activate this style, go back to the keyboard settings and go to the input languages and uncheck "use system language" then check the languages you want. :-)

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This doesn't seem to work these days? I don't see "Advanced Settings". – Limited Atonement Mar 10 at 4:00

I believe it is possible. Choose the layout from SETTINGS > LANGUAGE AND INPUT and the settings button on the side of the ANdroid keyboard.

You might also try long-pressing the SPACE bar on the keyboard.

This page does mention that Jelly Bean has in-built support for DVORAK.

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This worked! I'm trying it now :-) I'll post the steps later :-) – kentcdodds Nov 18 '12 at 17:54

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