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I have begun doing research about rooting my HTC One S phone (HTC Sense looks so nice but unfortunately is so unstable) and one of the first things I've noticed is that there are two versions of HTC One S. One has a 1.5gHz dual core CPU, the other has a 1.7gHz dual core CPU.

I went through all the information I could find in my phone's "about" menu, but the CPU section only specifies "dual core". The packaging also has no further details than this.

The only reference I have is that the (online) shop I bought it at, has 1.5gHz in the spec. That would mean I have the S4 which is the most common version. But the vendor may as well get that information from somewhere else rather than the actual product, so I want to be sure before doing anything.

I've already searched google and can't find anything, but I hardly know what to look for either. Seems like no other website knows of this distinction.

On a side note, if anyone knows (has experience with) any good and reliable guides about rooting the HTC One S, feel free to post them as well.

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Easiest way. Check your packaging. Look for Model describtion on the back of the other label. Either z520 or z560, the z520 is S4, 560 is S3.

from wikipedia:

Processor and memory

One version of the One S uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4...In certain markets the One S uses the older Snapdragon S3... The two versions have slightly different packaging, the S4 is model Z520e/Z520m and states "Processor: Dual Core, 1.5GHz"/"CPU Speed 1.5 GHZ, dual core, whereas the S3 is model Z560e and states "Processor: Dual Core".

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