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One day out of the blue my phone kept crashing when connecting to 3g or wifi, I then updated my phone and reset it to factory settings. The problem went away for a while but now the problem is getting worse, my phone keeps crashing randomly when connecting via 3g or wifi sometimes my phone works for a week without crashing, and then it keeps crashing again and again. I have tried resetting my phone over and ocer but the problem still occurs; the only app that I have installed is whatsapp at the moment but even without that app my phone kept crashing, before the crash it always flashes a short "android system" and then turns off.

does anyone have any idea on how to solve my problem?

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This seems to be a common problem with S Plus. Have you tried any custom ROM? Not sure but I guess it might fix your problem as this seems to be software issue to me. – Suraj Bajaj Nov 19 '12 at 10:53

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