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Is there is free application or some trick to run sequence of applications on android? For example I want to start the following sequence: Wi-Fi --> Tor --> Browser

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You should try Tasker for simple interface and quick setup.

If you are willing to do something by code and very specific, a good alternative is onX by Microsoft, you can write your code to do exactly the things you wanna do. Also there are some ready recipes that you can quickly setup.

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For newer phones, you can use Automagic, which has almost all of the functionality of Tasker (at the time of this writing, and expanding) and has a much better interface for editing your sequences. It also makes use of the newer Holo themes on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later.

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The simpler automation apps can probably only start a single app, or maybe more, but not in sequence. The more advanced apps that can perform this is either the trusted old Tasker (paid), or the newer Automate (free).

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