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I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE with the Samsung 2100 mAh extended battery. This is fine for my daily use, but when I travel by air I often run out of batteries. I have a Monoprice 2800 mAh battery backup pack which is convenient, when it works. Unfortunately sometimes it mysteriously doesn't work at all, and the flimsy connector means that keeping it connected to the phone is unreliable.

I've seen some cases for iPhones that have an external battery that would solve these problems. Unfortunately, the only product I've seen like this has poor reviews. Are there other solutions?

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I'm happy with my "New Trent iCruiser" (amazon.com/gp/product/B003ZBZ64Q). It's not particularly elegant, but it charges my phone (a Samsung Nexus S) pretty damned quick, and fits in a pocket (sorta :-) And damn it, it's $20 cheaper now than when I bought it :) –  offby1 Nov 22 '12 at 23:52

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I'm not managing to find any iphone-like battery cases for the GNex, but you might look at an external battery pack without the integrated connector, but rather just a bog standard plug for your own cable.

I personally have one made by Aluratek. They also offer 3 other newer models and in retrospect, I'd get one of those as they charge over microUSB rather than a proprietary plug.

I also use a itty bitty iGo keyjuice as the cable for compactness and just velcro'd it onto the above mentioned battery pack so they're always together for use.

Even the smallest of those packs will net you better than 3x your runtime.

Another option might be an oversize extended battery, like the one offered by Seido. It'll add bulk and prevent you from using any case except their's, but it'll also come close to doubling your battery capacity even over the stock-size extended battery you have now. I personally have a stock-size extended battery from them in my Incredible S and my personal testing seems to bear out their capacity claims.

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Another alternative is to carry a second battery pack in your carry bag. Just swap the battery when you're running out. The disadvantage is that you need to turn off the phone while swapping.

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