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I just won an auction on the Nexus 7. The seller claims that he doens't have the original sales receipt but says I will be able to sign up for the warranty online with the registration & activation of the Nexus. So, how does this exactly work and will this warranty be of the international type?


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You need to contact ASUS directly.

Google play's support page says:

Nexus 7 limited warranty The Nexus 7 is manufactured by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. ASUS provides a limited 12 month warranty for the Nexus 7. Please refer to the warranty card in the Nexus 7 packaging or review ASUS' limited warranty details.

If your Nexus 7 was purchased from Google Play, please contact Google customer support for service on the ASUS limited 12 month warranty. If your Nexus 7 wasn't purchased from Google Play or you're looking for out of warranty repair service, please contact ASUS directly.

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