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I've installed a fresh stock ROM from Google site on my Galaxy Nexus.

At the time i've opened the Google Play and started installing the 157 apps... the problem is that i needed to stop downloading in the middle as i needed to move to areas without wifi coverage, so I pressed stop.

Now I don't see any option to resume that installation.

Is it really a one shot? How could I've paused it to avoid downloading it on 3G?

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I think it's "one shot." I am willing to be proven wrong though. I have faced this a few times. – Suraj Bajaj Nov 23 '12 at 5:57
This should be a feature request, I'm in the same pickle you were! – Ben Aug 12 '13 at 17:40
It seems by the latest answer that it isn't. At least if you're willing to use shell commands. – NeTeInStEiN Jun 11 at 23:33
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Use bmgr from adb shell. See this answer for a complete explanation of backup sets.

Root access is not required.

shell@maguro:/ $ bmgr list sets
  1234567890abcdef : droid48
  34567890abcdef12 : galaxy49

shell@maguro:/ $ bmgr restore 1234567890abcdef
Scheduling restore: droid48

This triggered a full restore of all the previously installed apps on my device instantly.

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Awesome, great tip. Does this work on every Android version? – NeTeInStEiN Jun 11 at 23:33
@NeTeInStEiN This was on 5.1. Per documentation: bmgr runs on devices supporting API Level 8 or greater. – dragon Jun 12 at 10:44

There's no option to resume. If you stop you can only manual download later.

If you didn't pressed stop, you could just disable data transfer and, when connected again, download will continue.

If you stop, the current sync state will be sent to the server and it will be (without the apps that weren't installed) stored as the device final state after restore.

And by the way, clear market data will not help (Tested >5 times on reflash my Desire)

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At the time I though there must be a way to resume or restart it later... – NeTeInStEiN Nov 25 '12 at 20:13
Market store device state, so if stop with internet disabled and then clear market data before connect - restore can be restarted (no guarantee). If you stop with internet enabled - new device state will be saved, and next time restore will proceed to curent state (until you change it installing new apps). – Penguinolog Nov 26 '12 at 4:38
"Market store device state" by this you are refering to store online the device state right? – NeTeInStEiN Nov 26 '12 at 13:52

If you had turned off 3G, or even the device altogether, the downloads would have 'paused' so to say, and would have been resumed as soon as a data connection became available.

Apart from that, there is no way to pause an app download from Google Play, to resume later.

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I had this same problem. Don't know exactly what I did but I removed the Google account from my phone and re-signed in. Then I opened the Play Store and all my previous apps began downloading. Hope this helps

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A side note to consider: On pre-ICS devices (Android 2.x), removing the Google account also removes data connected to Google Apps (such as accounts, calendar-data, etc.) from the device. While this shouldn't be a big deal for data already synced, I'm not sure concerning settings (unsynced data of course would be lost). No problem, though, starting with Android 4.0 – and yes, dropping and re-adding the account should trigger restore when you check the backup option on add. – Izzy Mar 12 '14 at 10:41

A similar problem happened with me and I try to factor reset a few times. It did not work. What worked was as follows:

  1. Factor reset the phone.
  2. After setting the language, the phone will ask you to connect to wifi. While connecting with wifi, go to top taskbar, swipe data, and disable mobile data.
  3. Once the wifi is connected go through the process and while selecting the reset, if there is more than a day old (not today's) backup is available use that. You may loose one or two days worth of data, sms etc but mostly other stuff will be recovered. It will also save you the trouble of going through installing each app separately.
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