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My setups:

Ratings and Play Counts are synced with iTunes both ways, but that's not true for Lyrics of music. If I add Lyrics in iTunes (Right Click ~> Get Info ~> Lyrics (tab)), I can see it in PlayerPro on Android. But, when I download lyrics using PlayerPro (Long Tap ~> View Lyrics), I fail to find it in iTunes after sync.

I have searched filesystems of Android devices to find any file, database containing Lyrics, but it seems that PlayerPro saves it in ID3 tag of music files. So, I don't see where's the problem. I have got the feeling that iSyncr doesn't sync back for such things, but I am not sure.

How to sync Lyrics from Android to iTunes on PC?
I can use alternatives for lyrics sync & lyrics download as long as I can view lyrics in PlayerPro & other syncs work as before.

PlayerPro support has confirmed that lyrics is saved inside music file. In case something goes wrong, it is saved in .lyr file in the directory of music.

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