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I'd like to know if somebody of you know something about the selfMV folder, I found it in a pc, in the Documents folder , after I've connected an android phone.

Does it belong to some android apps ? I don't know where it come from, so I'm trying to understand it.



searching in the web, I've found another possible explanation, since the selfMV is a folder not a file. Emodio, an mp3 audio program, could create this folder and maybe it has been added to the pc Documents folder after installing samsung Kies, I've still have to check this out.

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A quick web search makes it look like this could be evidence of some malware. I don't see the connection to Android, though, except the coincidence of recently connecting it to the PC. Get yourself a good anti-virus program and scan your system. – Al E. Nov 25 '12 at 16:34
If it is malware related, your phone is most probably sort of only the carrier to spread it (it's just acting like a thumb drive here and abuses Window's autorun feature found in XP). Plus: Look for autorun.inf in your Android's SD card folder too. Use Avast! for example to scan your SD card, your phone is probably not infected itself, you can uninstall it afterwards again (battery consumption)) – ce4 Nov 25 '12 at 17:35