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I've written an app that relies heavily on GPS. It works fine on HTC and other manufacturers apart from Samsung. Does Samsung or more particularly the Ace 2 have a known problem with GPS lock? It works fine on my HTC One X and takes around 5 secs to get a lock whereas on the Samsung can sometimes take a minute or so if it gets a lock at all, which when the app is rolled out this time span is unacceptable. My company is to recommend 500 phones to the companies which the app is to be rolled out to, so it's very important that we distinguish whether it's a software or a hardware problem.

I've found this thread on StackOverflow which points to a possible problem but the thread is 2years old.

Samsung problem

Does anyone know of a problem with Samsung?

Thanks in advance

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I can't get my Ace2 to lock on GPS at all with the Gaia GPS topo app. To check, I downloaded the GPS Test app, made sure GPS was turned on, and left the phone in an open area for an hour. It couldn't detect a single satellite. The Gaia help desk told me that Samsung phones tend to be finicky as far as GPS is concerned. – user24264 Nov 29 '12 at 2:24

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