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As a programmer, I really despise any email not written in plain text (MIME type plain/text) and not wrapped at 80 chars width.

However the default gmail app only sends the emails I compose as text/html.

Is there any way, setting and/or app to get my favourite formatting?

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Since this is titled, "Gmail for Programmers", you could create a small application that provides the correct intent to compose as "text/html". – Jared Burrows Dec 28 '12 at 20:20

Kaiten Mail lets you send emails in these formats:

  • Plain text (images and formatting will be removed)
  • HTML (images and formatting are preserved)
  • Automatic (plain text unless replying to an HTML message)

I'm not sure about the the width though. I haven't seen any setting where I can set it to 80 (or any other value).

By the way, I sync my GMail and Yahoo mail with Kaiten.

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Sorry for being a necromancer, but I also wanted plain text in Gmail and have been a long time Kaiten user since 2012 ... Kaiten still sucks big time when it comes to searching -- server-side IMAP search is still largely broken in Kaiten, despite it claiming it works. The Gmail app is heaps better in that regard. – Normadize May 5 '15 at 12:15

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