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Will adb push only copy the file into the target location whereas adb install copies the file into the target location and also sets the proper permission for you?

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More specifically

adb push [file] [path]

will take [file] from the PC and copy it to [path] on the android device.

adb install [apkfile]

will copy [apkfile] from the pc into /data/app/ on the android device.

The main difference being that push will let you specify where you want the file to go on the device, and install puts it in a known location (the location "installed" apps exist in).

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adb push will copy any file to the phone, whereas adb install will only accept an apk file, and will install it onto the device.

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Does "install" mean anything more than copying the apk to /data/app/ ? – JohnyTex Nov 10 '15 at 13:51

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