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In further continuation to my previous post, Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.2 Unable to connect to mobile network.

My earlier solution could only make it work for a little more than 10 days and I am back with the same "Baseband Unkown" problem on my Galaxy Nexus. This problem seems to be persistent no matter any version of stock that I revert to. Currently I am on stock YAKJU-4.0.4-IMM76I.

I have now started looking at the radio logs and I see the lines as below. Can somebody please help me understand them and hopefully help me resolve it.

This is really a frustrating experience with my first android device.

11-29 11:54:53.734 D/RILJ    (  472): [0004]< RADIO_POWER error: RADIO_NOT_AVAILABLE

11-29 11:54:53.734 D/RILJ    (  472): [0006]< BASEBAND_VERSION error: RADIO_NOT_AVAILABLE

11-29 11:54:53.734 D/RILJ    (  472): [0007]< GET_IMEI RADIO_NOT_AVAILABLE

11-29 11:54:53.734 D/RILJ    (  472): [0008]< GET_IMEISV error: RADIO_NOT_AVAILABLE


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Custom ROM? Using Google Search for that error message shows up a lot of discussions about that, mostly related to Custom ROMs. – Izzy Nov 29 '12 at 11:24
I tried everything flashing different radios, custom roms like cm-9, odin and now with a clean install using stock. Still facing the same problem.... – Vinay Nov 29 '12 at 13:42

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