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Are there any decent word processing applications for android? I've looked through the market and it seems that they all seem to suffer from the same issue, they fall over and sometimes overwrite large documents.

I don't necessarily need formatting but the ability to handle large amounts of text (upwards of 50k words ideally) is a must.

The reason I want this is so that I can do my NaNoWriMo on my phone.

A word count and any other features that help me track how much I've written on a given day/towards a target would be good too.

Basically I'm looking for Focus Writer for my phone...

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I went looking for a text editor recently (android.stackexchange.com/questions/1140/…) and had lots of problems with large files. Good luck -- I'll be following the answers! –  Joe Casadonte Dec 7 '10 at 14:24

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Do you need an actual app? Google recently released Google Docs Mobile (accessible via docs.google.com on your phone) which seems to work pretty well for editing and creating documents from my playing around with it.

However it is a website rather than an app, and does require a live data connection, you can't use it offline in the same way that you would an app.

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In terms of word processing, Dataviz's Documents to go has support for newer versions of MS Office documents as well as PDF.

There's also ThinkFree Office and QuickOffice

Are you looking for a plain text editor ? TED by Xavier Gouchet has support for large files, but its interface, particularly the font size still needs work from the dev.

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This isn't a suggested app, but something to consider: for NaNoWriMo I found it incredibly useful to have a text editor on my phone that background synced with DropBox (or a similar service, of course), so that a) it was backed up and b) when I was at a regular computer I could work on the same files with

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Polaris Office 3.0 by Infraware

I haven't used this, but it is well respected and often mentioned. Best of luck, hope this helps. Tech Republic also did a review of these types of apps.

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