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In one answer I was adviced to use service call phone 2 s16 "$number". It works, but in service list I see other useful things I don't know how to use and can't easily find the information on the Internet.

I don't see any introspection in service apart from service list to findout myself...

Where to find more complete description of "service" calls and their parameters?

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Nice Question... – Evil Angel Jan 14 '14 at 0:14

The real problem with service call is that transaction codes are not only undocumented, but also not guaranteed to be stable — they can be silently changed between Android versions. Because of this, service call commands should never be used except for private debugging, when you know what Android version is used.


(Here FIRST_CALL_TRANSACTION = 1, so the actual transaction code which should be used in the service call phone command is the number seen in the source plus 1.)

Note that in the new version TRANSACTION_supplyPuk was inserted in the middle, and all following codes are now shifted by 1. Anything that used service call phone to perform those transaction will horribly break when used on Android 4.2.2 — the same codes will result in calling completely different methods, possibly with disastrous results.

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Is there some thing that is a bit more high level than service call, yet still allows many things to be done from superuser console? – Vi0 Jun 3 '13 at 15:48

There is no documentation. But you can find all the information you are looking for in the android source code. service list gives you the package name. So for the phone service it is You will find all possible parameters for service call phone listed in com/android/internal/telephony/ for your Android version.

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