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I have a yarvik tab464euk tablet, which I'm mostly happy with in an it-was-cheap kind of way. However, there is a particular annoyance.

I have a monitor which has a rarely-used HDMI port (my PC connects via DVI). I don't have a HDMI TV, or any kind of TV at all. Sometimes, I'd like to use my tablet as a media player using the HDMI monitor.

I can connect the tablet to the monitor without any problem, but of course it's a monitor - like many monitors, it doesn't have speakers. That's fine - the tablet also has a headphone jack socket. I thought I'd do exactly what I do for my PC - connect the tablet to the speakers separately.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. The headphone socket works fine, but not when the mini-HDMI cable is connected. As soon as I have a HDMI monitor connected, the headphone output is switched off - I checked with two sets of headphones as well as speakers to make sure this wasn't a dodgy cable issue.

Giving priority to HDMI seems very odd to me. First, monitors with HDMI but no speakers are quite common. Second, even if I was using a TV with speakers, the obvious reason for having headphones plugged in is because I want to use those for the sound, not the TV speakers.

So... Is this a general thing with Android tablets? Is there a setting I can change to control it? Or is there any other way to get the headphone audio output to work while a HDMI monitor is connected?

I've seen this question about splitters, but the price is out of proportion plus the convenience isn't there. Part of the point is to reduce hardware clutter, tangled cables etc. I already have a media player that works with separate HDMI and audio just fine, but it never gets used because it gets put away to avoid the clutter and tangle, then it's just not worth the hassle to set it up again later.

And it just seems so stupid anyway that the headphone socket is there and works, but it switches off when I most want to use it.

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Install Soundabout and route the audio to the headphones.

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Is the app a freemium? What's the difference with the pro version? –  t0mm13b Jan 23 '13 at 20:28
@t0mm13b - The pro version has lots of extra features, at first sight mostly about audio routing during phone calls. The free version seems to have the options to route audio to the headphones, but makes no mention of HDMI. You'd have to change settings every time using HDMI, but in any case, it doesn't seem to work for me - whatever settings I use, as soon as I connect a HDMI monitor, the headphones go silent. The free version needs phone-call related permissions even though only the pro version seems to deal with phone calls, but my tablet isn't a phone. –  Steve314 Jan 23 '13 at 22:53
+1 for it may be worth a try for other people, but it didn't work for me. –  Steve314 Jan 23 '13 at 22:54

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