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It is not easy to find good apps. Is it possible with some other app website to only search within apps (list apps) that have at least 500k downloads and at least 10k reviews?

Something like make the Play store a database of app names with columns for reviewcount and downloadcount and do SQL commands with where clauses?

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500k downloads, 10k reviews! You are trying to be harsh on new / small developers such as me.. :( And Google Play already gives the most trending apps on the top of search results, so most of them are popular apps. – Suraj Bajaj Dec 5 '12 at 5:08
Don't let you down, @SurajBajaj -- OP didn't state to always use that. But I can imagine a lot of occasions where such a thing would be useful to sort out unwanted results. Like at other shop sites (e.g. Amazon), some filters would be nice here: "only 3+ stars, price, 100+ ratings, 1000+ downloads, plus your search words... Just think about it. – Izzy Dec 5 '12 at 7:05
@Izzy I understand. The first sentence my comment, I was just kidding... :) – Suraj Bajaj Dec 5 '12 at 13:40

Looks like what the OP is looking for can be done at AppBrain, using the &sort=popular URL parameter. See e.g. this example search for file sync: First result page mosly holds apps with 10k+ downloads with a good "internal rating" (they have their own "rating number" in addition to the playstore rating). Checking some, they seem to have 10k+ ratings on GPlay as well. Additional filtering is possible for free/paid, new/updated, app2sd, reduced price.

Though not being exactly what was asked for, I guess it's pretty close. Another good result list can be obtained with the &sort=highest-rated variant, which seems to sort by playstore rating: "file sync" by rating.

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