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I have this Huawei Device that does not come with the Android Market installed.

Is there any work-around for this? As in how can I install Android Apps without the Android Market?

Is there a way to install Appbrain w/o having to go through the Android Market?

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"Huawei Device" - is this a phone, a tablet, or what? Do you have a model number to throw at us? – Michael Paulukonis Dec 8 '10 at 17:04

If your device allows it (AT&T only recently started producing phones that do) there is a setting which allows you to install non-Market apps. Then you can install APKs from anywhere, assuming you can get them on your device.

On my Droid, at least, the setting is at Settings | Applications | Unknown sources.

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You can get the .apk files from developers' sites or other forums like and alternative markets like

Al Everett's answer above is part of the solution.

After changing the settings to enable you to install 3rd party apps, you can either upload / add the APKs of apps that you want on to your SD card and then using a File Manager, install them by tapping them and letting the Package Installer run the setup.


You can navigate the sites listed above and download the APK using the default browser - I recommend you install a file manager like Astro so you can navigate to your SD card and install apps.

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Use slideME. Download the apk from here tp your phone, then install the application from your phone and you can use that to download and buy apps. See this question: Alternative Android App Markets for a list of Market alternative

Edit: Don't forget to enable non-market installation in Settings > Applications > Unknown sources

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Yes you can

id device is 2.2 or below

just enable check Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources.

on 3.0 + enable check Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources

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go to from your android and click the apps section and pick either free or not, but theres alot of great applications on there <3

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