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Since the Froyo upgrade, when I connect my HTC Incredible, with the USB settings set to "Charge Only" to my computer with a USB cable, the phone still mounts a CD type drive that will install HTC Sync drivers. This prevents my phone from using the SD card.

How can I stop this from happening? Like I said, my phone is set to "Charge Only".

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Do you have an app installed that makes your phone do that, like doubleTwist? – EboMike Dec 8 '10 at 22:50
Winamp has that feature too. I hate it. (At least both apps let you turn it off) – EboMike Dec 8 '10 at 22:51
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You'll need to root your phone with Unrevoked and remove the CDROM.ISO file located in /system/etc/ That's the only way to prevent that.

The neat upside is that once you've rooted, you can replace that CDROM.ISO with any other ISO you'd like to auto-mount.

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