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The default mail app on Android 4 seems to generate incorrect Read Receipts. Here is the case:

User ORIGINATOR sends email (using any mail client software), with request for Read Receipt (SMTP header Disposition-Notification-To), TO: PRIMARY-RECEIVER with CC: SECONDARY-RECEIVER.

When PRIMARY-RECEIVER opens the email, his email client will (optionally) send a Read Receipt which is FROM: PRIMARY-RECEIVER TO: ORIGINATOR.

When SECONDARY-RECEIVER opens the email, his email client should (optionally) send a Read Receipt which is FROM: SECONDARY-RECEIVER TO: ORIGINATOR.

But if SECONDARY-RECEIVER opens the email on Android 4 (Galaxy S3 in my tests), using the default email client, the phone sends a Read Receipt which is FROM: PRIMARY-RECEIVER TO: ORIGINATOR, which is grossly incorrect.

Has anyone detected the same issue?

Anyone has a suggestion on proper forum or support channel for reporting this bug?

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A colleague just experienced the same issue.

He had sent out an email to a colleague and CC-d some other people, and soon received an email back that seemed like it came from the primary receiver. In the reply email there was a random quoted line from the original email. It wasn't even detected by the email client as a proper receipt, but a separate email reply.

The only way to see the real issue was by looking at the mail headers, specifically the Authenticated Sender field.

It made some people very unpleased until we tracked it down. I haven't had the chance to ask about the model of the phone and the Android version yet, will post if anyone is interested.

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