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I am able to find the pid of System server using ps. And I can find info about the system server process through /proc/pidof system_server. But I dont see (or unable to find) the pid of the other Android System Services like Battery Service, etc..

Is there any way to find the pid of Android System Services ?

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I think this question is off-topic here, but you could take a look to this other question, where it belongs:… – Francisco Alvarado Dec 10 '12 at 7:56
@FranciscoAlvarado Finding the PID of a running app isn't a programming task at all, more of a sysadmin one if anything. There's nothing in the question text to make me think this is off-topic, only the Development tag. – GAThrawn Dec 10 '12 at 10:26

There are quite a few apps that can show the PID of running apps and services.

One which I use to find a lot of info about what's going on in my phone is the Android System Info app, you can see the PIDs of some built-in services in this screenshot:

Android System Info screenshot showing Process IDs for various system tasks

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