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I'd like to control my Galaxy Nexus via my Macbook Pro via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Since connecting the Galaxy Nexus to an Adhoc, WiFi created by the MacBook Pro doesn't work. That's why I'd like to do it via bluetooth.

Is that possible and if yes, how?

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What type of control are you trying to achieve? Make phone calls? Access Internet? Access phone data like pictures? – Zuul Jul 25 '13 at 23:51

A similar question was posted entitled "Software to control mobile phone via bluetooth" over at on 11th December 2012 to which I responded:

My response was this:

A program called Remote Professional from claims to be able to make calls from your PC-mobile. There is a brief article about it entitled Remotely Control Your Phone from Computer from

A youtube video and link to download the program is also included:

However this method used a PC rather than an Apple Mac. It may well be possible that offer a similar program for Macs.

So in theory what you have asked is perfectly plausible, if they haven't developed a program for apple macs, they may do in the near future.

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