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Is it possible to flash a .DZ stock ROM on a LG Android phone (Doubleplay / C729 / Flip II) that doesn't fully load (T-Mobile logo repeats itself)? If yes, how exactly?


  1. Recovery mode has no options, it only displays an unpacking icon for a few seconds.
  2. USB debugging is not enabled.
  3. USB connection with PC is stable and working.
  4. A .DLL file is included with the .DZ file.

Thank you!

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There is currently no way to do this.

Where did you get the .dz file from?

You would have to ask the prividor to provide a .kdz file as well as the .dz file so you can flash with the KDZ Updater program.

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The .DZ ROM is the only ROM for LG C729 (Doubleplay) that I was able to find, so there's no provider. – Drejon Dec 13 '12 at 13:54

Have you tried using this update tool? It should do the work if it can connect.

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Yes, I've tried it, but it accepts only .KDZ files, not .DZ – Drejon Dec 13 '12 at 12:23

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