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My email worked fine on Galaxy S 3 for 3 weeks, but all of a sudden I receive a message saying "Server Password changed, sign in failed connection error". I have changed nothing and was still receiving emails minutes before this happened. Also, the same password still works when logging into Virgin Media to see email online.

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Did you enable 2 Step authentication for your google account? – Power-Inside Dec 20 '12 at 12:30

I'm having the same issue and have yet to find an answer. Have you been able to identify the problem?

I even tried to delete the hotmail account, with the intention of reinstalling it. However, I was given an error code and upon further digging, I was informed that I needed to reset the phone to factory defaults to get rid of the Hotmail account!

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At first I assumed you were using Gmail but then you talk about signing into Virgin Media to view email so I'm a little lost as to what you're trying to do. Can you provide a little more detail?

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